Psychological Evaluations

Are you experiencing sudden mood swings, irritability? Having depressive thoughts?

Do you think you or your child might have a learning disorder? or Are you developing memory troubles?

It can seem scary to get a psychological evaluation, but we want to put your fears to rest. The evaluation simply measures and describes some of the ways in which you function.

There are many reasons why you might get a psychological evaluation including:

  • Possible learning disorder such as ADHD
  • Problems with mood, such as depression or irritability
  • Developing memory issues or dementia
  • Lack of improvement in therapy and/or with medications
  • To clarify a diagnosis

How the Psychological Evaluation Process Works

Our evaluation process is conducted over three separate sessions focusing on Intake and Information Gathering, Testing/Assessment, and Review. Here is what you can expect during an evaluation:

1. Intake:

This session will last 35-50 minutes with a full clinical interview to fully understand the issue, your personal history, and any family history or relevant medical history. We’ll be able to personalize your assessment and avoid unnecessary testing.

2. Testing:

Depending on the protocols needed, the testing phase of your evaluation will take between 2 to 4 hours. You'll be asked a random series of questions or be asked to perform a task like drawing a picture or telling a story

3. Review:

About 3 to 4 weeks after the testing session, you will come back and you'll review the results of the evaluation with the psychologist. We'll be able to provide you with our recommendations. This session typically lasts between 30 - 60 minutes. We'll discuss the report and recommendations and you can ask follow-up questions.

All evaluations are hand scored and all of the data from the different assessments are integrated to provide the most accurate picture of what you’re experiencing. This will provide the best recommendations on how you should tackle your problems and concerns.

It is important for you to keep all scheduled appointments. Failure to keep scheduled appointments will result in delaying the evaluation process not only for yourself but potentially someone else as well.