Individual Counseling

If you're suffering from depression, it's important to know you're not alone

Imagine being able to take care of yourself and your loved ones with the strength you never knew you had. If you want to overcome your substance use issues, have better relationships with your friends and family, or are just looking to change your life for the better, we’re here to help.

At Michigan Psychological Care, our mission is to help you find the care and treatment you need. By providing a comfortable location and atmosphere, we work to put your worries about opening up to rest.

Our individual sessions are provided in a one-on-one setting with one of our experienced therapists. If you’re interested in Group Counseling, we also provide that. Whether you’re dealing with substance use issues, anxiety troubles, or are looking for depression treatment options, we have five facilities to conveniently provide you with the compassionate care you deserve. Leave us a contact form so that we can schedule for an appointment.