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Do you experience inexplicable changes in mood? Want to understand what’s happening to you?

Individual and Group Therapy in Jackson, Michigan

At times it may seem like you don’t have options or that you’re alone, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone. At Michigan Psychological Care in Jackson, Michigan, our experienced and caring staff is 100% in your corner. It is our mission to not only diagnose any issues you face but to give you a clear understanding and provide you with an effective treatment path.

Caring Counseling in Jackson County, Michigan

If you’re seeking individual counseling or if you and your significant other are looking for couples counseling, our staff is here for you. Finding someone you can trust is important. Therapy and counseling services require a relationship of trust. You’ll find that our compassionate staff is ready to listen, freeing you from the worry of being judged or disregarded.

You can find these treatments and therapy options at Michigan Psychological Care Jackson:

At Michigan Psychological Care, our staff is here to help you. If you’re suffering from depression, if you have a learning disorder, or if you or a loved one struggles with anxiety, or if you and your spouse are having difficulty communicating, we can help you find a lasting solution tailored to your specific needs. Contact us or give us a call at 989-292-3572 to learn more and schedule an appointment.