The Health Benefits of Gratitude (National Thank You Month)

The Health Benefits of Gratitude (National Thank You Month)

Have you ever found yourself wallowing in self-pity and struggling to pull yourself out? Sometimes, it can seem like every time we complain about one little thing in our life, more and more pieces begin to fall apart. Is it really because everything is going wrong on that day, or could it simply be that we have fallen into a negative mindset and are searching for things to go wrong?

The opposite can be true, too. Complimenting one piece of your day may lead you to find that everything else in your life seems to be going amazing.

We all have bad days that will make gratitude difficult to come by, but making a conscious effort to seek the blessings in your day over the complaints will have more benefits than you may know.

Making Friends

Expressing gratitude toward strangers will make them view you as someone they can create a stronger, higher-quality relationship with. Research suggests that a person’s gratitude toward others will motivate them to seek a relationship with you.

Strengthening Relationships

We all like to feel appreciated from time to time. This is why expressing gratitude in your relationships is so important to maintaining and strengthening your bonds. One study found that participants who were asked to express gratitude toward their partner reported a higher comfort when voicing their concerns and a more positive perception of their partner as a person. Gratitude will benefit every aspect of your relationship, keeping your bonds strong and helping them continue to grow every day.


Your mindset plays a huge role in the emotions and moods you experience. When you choose to focus on the happiest parts of your life, happy feelings will begin to follow. Studies have found that acts as simple as gratitude journaling can improve happiness and overall well-being. One study in particular, found that gratitude can have a lasting effect on increasing happiness and decreasing symptoms of depression.

Improves Self-Esteem

Research has found that more grateful people have higher self-esteem than those who do not. Making an effort to acknowledge the good things about yourself, the kind ways people treat you, and the blessings that are sprinkled throughout your life will greatly increase your self-worth.

Mental Strength

Practicing daily gratitude will help you change your mindset and thinking patterns. Changing your thinking patterns to focus on the things you are grateful for will build resilience, confidence, and your ability to see the positive in any situation.

Boosting Your Physical Health

As mentioned earlier, gratitude benefits your self-worth. Because of this, you will likely find yourself feeling more motivated than ever to take care of your physical health and well-being.

Gratitude has a multitude of benefits to offer each and every one of us. However, if you are struggling with a mental health issue like depression or anxiety, it can be difficult to focus on the positive. If you have found yourself feeling down or struggling to feel grateful, reaching out to a therapist may be just what you need to get yourself feeling better. Our counselors are here to help you. Contact us today.


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