International Survivor of Suicide Day

International Survivor of Suicide Day

International Survivor of Suicide Day

International Survivor of Suicide Day is a day dedicated to survivors of suicide; those who have lost their loved ones to suicide. It is intended to help survivors unite to feel less alone, work through difficult emotions, and find hope and support within a community that understands their pain. International Survivor of Suicide Day is on November 20 this year.

Losing someone to suicide can be confusing, painful, and traumatizing. This day is meant to support those struggling with the pain of losing their loved ones.

How to Observe International Survivor of Suicide Day

There are many ways you can show your support for those who have lost loved ones to suicide on International Survivor Suicide Day. A few ways to observe the day include:

  • Attend a Survivors Day event. Events for International Survivor of Suicide Day can be hosted all around the world, as well as online.
  • Express yourself. Whether you are a writer, painter, or fighter, there are tons of ways you can express yourself through your craft.
  • Get help. If you have lost a loved one to suicide, know that you do not have to suffer alone. Attend a support group or schedule a session with a therapist if you need help getting through the grief.

How to Talk to Somebody with Depression or Suicidal Thoughts

If you believe that a loved one may be struggling with depression, the topic of their mental health can be a fragile one. Let them know that you are here for them if they would like to talk about it. Know that you cannot force somebody to open up, but letting them know you are there for them may encourage them to talk about what they are feeling.

If they do decide to open up to you, know that they likely do not need your opinion or to be told “It’s OK.” People who are struggling with depression need to feel loved, supported, and validated in their feelings. Letting them know that you love them and will be there for whatever they need just may be what they need to hear.

You may be able to help them by checking in on them periodically. How are they feeling today? Do they need your help with anything? Let them know that they are not alone and matter immensely to you.

Learn the warning signs of suicide. While you can’t always tell when someone is considering suicide, some common warning signs include:

  • Talking or fantasizing about suicide or death.
  • Social withdrawal
  • Increased moodiness
  • Participating in risky and destructive behaviors
  • Hopelessness
  • Substance abuse
  • Getting things that can be used to take one’s life
  • Giving away their things
  • Acting as if they are saying their final good-byes

If you are worried your loved one may be battling with suicidal thoughts, reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. They can help make sure your loved one is safe and does not do anything to hurt themselves.

If You Are Having Suicidal Thoughts

If you are battling with depression, reach out to a mental health professional immediately. They will help you find a safe solution to the feelings you are dealing with right now. Know that you are important in this world. Suicide is not the answer. We are here to help you.

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