Group Counseling

Group Counseling Available at Michigan Psychological Care

Do you have a hard time sharing what you’re feeling?

Would you feel more comfortable if you had a little extra support?

We work with you to help you feel comfortable opening you’ll have the full support and encouragement of the others in the room. While we do offer individual therapy sessions, group counseling offers the chance to connect with other people who are going through similar circumstances. If you’ve felt alone or intimidated by traditional therapy sessions, we encourage you to try one of our group sessions.

How does Group Counseling work?

Sessions meet once per week with a specific theme to the group. For example, a group theme might be Substance Abuse. In this type of group, different topics will be covered, but all topics will center around substance abuse and recovery.

Sessions are held in a large comfortable room. Sizes for an average counseling session range between 5 and 15 members and are led by a professional psychotherapist with a background in group therapy. During our sessions, participants support one another by sharing their unique stories, listening to one another, and offering their support with additional guidance from the therapist.

What kind of groups are available?

There are closed groups and open groups available. Open groups are group sessions in which anyone can join at any point in the process and be welcomed. Closed groups are typically 12-15 weeks where the group meets on a weekly basis, but no new members are introduced after the first or second session.

These groups are often more sensitive in nature and require stability to allow participants to fully open up and get the most from the services.

By allowing you to experience a sense of belonging, group counseling can provide you with the structure and support you need to improve your situation. Our trained and compassionate staff is here to help. Contact Us to learn more or call the facility near you to learn more: