About Michigan Psychological Care


Our Rules For Empowering You

Find meaning in the work. Make a difference in the world through our work. Be available at all times to empower and support those that need it.

Design a diverse skillset to serve in all ways possible. Make lasting bonds and lasting changes so you can realize your full potential. You are the number one value. All requests will never go unanswered.

Be adaptable to the ever-changing world so we can give compassionate care to those who need it. Look at everyone differently as each person has their own special path towards renewal. Take action, break through limits and transcend fears.

Embrace uniqueness and never judge. Listen to every voice. Be authentic, unwavering and dependable so we can help you live the life you’ve always dreamed.

Core Values


Concerning our civic responsibility and the people we serve; this is our number one value. We are eager to help our clients and willing to take ownership in our process. Your request for help will never go unanswered.


We believe you are vital to the community and have a purpose for the world. So, we adapt the best way we can, recognizing and accepting your right to compassionate care.


All people have their own exclusive pathway towards restoration. We respect those unique qualities and embrace you fully as a person.


Operating as a truly diverse and inclusive company, we believe that all people need to be heard. Michigan Psychological Services empowers our clients to take action by revealing their value, giving support, and offering powerful tools they need to achieve results.


With sound minds, we operate in authenticity. Unwavering in how we treat clients and staff, always dependable in character and purpose.